Undergraduate Students

There are a lot of great opportunities for undergraduate students interested in Communication Studies. These opportunities exist both at UNLV and within the discipline. Below are links to information to help you out as you explore the field, as well as information about the department, university, and tips for helping you out in classes.

Why Communication Studies?

NCA’s Why Study Communication: This is a great resource for talking about the value of a bachelor’s degree in the field–if you’re struggling to figure out what you might do with your degree when you graduate, this can definitely help.

UNLV Information

Course Schedule: Here’s a quick link to the course schedule guide for UNLV, it is good to keep this bookmarked to pull up when you need it for registering each semester.

Academic Success Center: From advising, to tutoring, and general support, the ASC is a great resource for all students.

Advising Center: Get connected with an advisor in the Greenspun School.

Class and Research Tips and Tricks

Emailing your Teacher: A good list of tips for email etiquette.

APA Common Mistakes: This is a great blog entry noting the most common mistakes students make in APA to check to fix for assignments.

UNLV Writing Center: If you are struggling with writing, consider using this campus resource.

Brainfuse Online Tutoring: UNLV also offers Brainfuse, an online tutoring and writing center for help–check to see if your teacher has enabled it with your course!

Funding Opportunities

Office for Undergraduate Research Awards: are you interested in doing research with faculty? There are several research award opportunities to apply for that will fund you! Check them out through the link above.

Calvert Undergraduate Research Awards: have you completed a research project at UNLV that you are particularly proud of? Consider applying for this award, which carries a $750 prize for emerging scholars and $1000 for advanced undergraduate students.

Considering Graduate School?

If you are considering applying to graduate school, and especially if you are a UNLV Communication Studies major, I encourage you to come talk to me. If you are not currently at UNLV, but you’re thinking about coming to UNLV for our M.A. program, I also encourage you to come talk to me. Below are a few additional links and general tips when it comes to graduate school preparation for undergraduate students.

UNLV Graduate Program in Communication Studies: This shares the general details about our graduate program at UNLV, which allows you to focus on either a communication research track to prepare you for a PhD program or to consider an applied track in community engagement, which is perfect for those who want to use an M.A. as an entry point into non-academic positions.

Master’s in Communication Programs: This resource shares interviews with the graduate director for a lot of M.A. programs in Communication Studies, and is a great way to get a sense of what these schools are looking for in their application process and what to expect in terms of course work.

NCA Doctoral Program Guide: This is a great resource for checking out broadly what doctoral program’s are out there.

The most important advice I can offer is–plan early! Know what you need (e.g., writing sample, letters of recommendation, GRE) ¬†and organize it by school, as it will likely differ. I also would say that, especially if your goal is research, pick a program based on the work you want to do–if you find yourself citing someone a lot in a paper, wouldn’t it be cool to go work with that person and have them be your advisor for your MA or PhD? It does not always work out, but it is something to think about.