Below find information on the classes I am teaching, have taught, and would like to teach. When available, I include a link to the most current syllabus for the course.

Courses Currently Teaching

Relational Communication: COMM 542 is our upper level interpersonal course primarily for juniors and seniors. I am teaching this class Fall 2017. See my syllabus here.

Communication & Technology: This is an online course that I teach through Canvas. I typically offer it as a short session course ranging from 4-8 weeks. I will teach it next in the Winter 2018 intersession. See my syllabus from the Spring 2017 section here.

Perspectives on Communication (Graduate): This is our introduction to the discipline course for MA students. I love getting to teach our new students in their first semester at KSU.  In this class I cover primarily social science perspectives. View the syllabus for the course here.

Interpersonal Communication (Graduate): I teach this class as a research focused course. In it, students get the chance to complete a project while also learning about interpersonal project. This class is tentatively scheduled to be offered again in the Fall of 2018. Check out my past syllabus here.

Past Courses Taught

Public Speaking: As a graduate teaching assistant at both KU and KSU I got to teach public speaking fairly regularly.

Small Group Communication: At KU I enjoyed teaching small group communication. I go to partner my classes with the Willow Domestic Violence Center for service learning opportunities.

Argumentation and Debate: Because I was a debate coach, I also had the chance to teach the argumentation course at KU.

Communication on the Internet: For several semesters I taught this course at KU and I also developed an online version for the department.

Research Assistant for Family Communication: I was awarded funding to be a graduate research assistant. I was teaching students enrolled in the course the importance of research skills and helping them present about their work.

Research Assistant for Methods (Psychology): Following my work with family communication, I was also asked to assist the psychology department for their methods courses. As a result, I developed online materials dispersed through Blackboard for 7 sections of the course.

Courses In Development

Interpersonal Communication: COMM 322 is our introductory interpersonal course. I am currently developing a large hybrid course with graduate assistants for Spring 2018.

Senior Honors Thesis: I am teaching this course in the Spring 2018. This is our capstone course. Students pitch and complete a research project and present it at the end of the semester in a poster session.