Below you can find information on the classes I am teaching, have taught, and if I have anything new in development. When available, I include a link to the most current syllabus for the course.

Courses Currently Teaching

Online Relationships: COM 330 is an online course that focuses on how individuals communicate through the use of communication technologies within interpersonal relationships. Developed for UNLV, I hope to offer the course at least once a year.

Communication Theory: COM 400 is a required course for undergraduate students in the department. This course delves into theoretical perspectives within the discipline using the well known Griffin et al. “First Look” textbook.

Investing in Friendship: COM 410/610 is an advanced topics in relational communication course offered in the department as a bridge for undergraduate and graduate students. This class considers how individuals come to understand what friendship is and the role communication plays in communicating at the various levels and incarnations within.

Research Methods (undergraduate): COM 435 is our introductory social science research methods course for undergraduate students. In addition to teaching this class in person, I am developing an online version of the course for our department that will launch Summer 2019.

Past Courses Taught

Kansas State University

  • Senior Honors Thesis
  • Communication & Technology
  • Interpersonal Communication (Graduate)
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Relational Communication
  • Perspectives on Communication (Graduate)
  • Public Speaking

University of Kansas

  • Small Group Communication
  • Argumentation and Debate
  • Communication on the Internet
  • Public Speaking
  • Research Assistant for Family Communication
  • Research Assistant for Methods (Psychology)