Graduate Students

I will never stop raving about how helpful my Ph.D. program was in preparing me for academia (#rockchalk). The faculty in the department shared excellent resources with me and my advisor was incredibly support. Below are links to information shared with me, in addition to sources I have compiled, too! Special shout out to Dr. Heather Woods for articles she has shared that were too good not to include here as well.

I recommend this one first: Graduate Student Happiness and Wellbeing Report. Why? Because too often graduate school can become a drain, and it shouldn’t. Put yourself first, and hopefully some of these links can help with everything else!
UNLV Information

Course Schedule: Here’s a quick link to the course schedule guide for UNLV, it is good to keep this bookmarked to pull up when you need it for registering each semester.

Teaching Tips and Tricks

Kahoot: This is a great game system to use for reviewing for an exam with your class, and I’ve never had students not like it. It also takes a lot of the guesswork and “hey you missed me” out of it that can make in class Jeopardy review a little tricky. Highly recommend!

Syllabus Planning: Your syllabus is more important than you think.

Efficient Teaching Tips: I love the Get a Life PhD blog, and this is a great post reminding GTAs to find a balance in teaching and research.

Grading: Great tips on rubrics and grading fairly.

Canvas Instructor Guide: Canvas can be a pain but it can also be your best friend for your classes- taking the time to learn some of the cool tools you can use for things like scheduling meetings or integrating small group discussions can really take your course to the next level.

Research Tips and Tricks

JournalTOCs: Consider signing up to get alerts from journals most relevant to your research interests, you will get an email when they post new studies and you can decide whether you want to follow the link to reach more, it is that easy!

APA Common Mistakes: This is a great blog entry noting the most common mistakes students make in APA to check to fix for assignments.

Thesis Guidelines: Don’t make the mistake of starting this too late when it comes to formatting your thesis, trust me.

Superbon ‘Record Your Meetings’: This is one of my favorite tips I learned and did during my latter time at my Ph.D. program (if only I had started sooner!) Recording my meetings with my advisor, instead of just taking notes, really helped to make sure that I could go back and work through what we talked about as I edited and changed my dissertation.

Myth of One More Source: I am the worst about this, as I always think there must be more to read, and especially when it comes to a thesis or dissertation it can be tough to stop. This article is great in breaking down the process of knowing when to move from reading to writing.

Professional Development

UNLV Professional Development Academy: Consider checking out this free program offered through the graduate school. Specialization offered in teaching, mentorship, research, and/or communication.

Advice on Being Advised: A great article discussing the value, need, and HOW to work with an advisor (if you’re willing).

Sterneworks: This was sent to me by Nancy Baym when I was finishing up grad school and I can’t thank her enough- so many awesome links, tips, and helpful thoughts on this site!

CRTNET: This is a listserv you can join that will send you emails about jobs, conferences, research, and other cool opportunities in the field. Worst case you delete a few emails and decide it is not for you- best case you learn about something new you would not have otherwise- I have personally found three publication opportunities from CRTNET and participated/helped with research at least a half dozen times.

How to Write CVs: Great selection from The Professor Is In on CV Writing, a crucial skill in academia as you apply for grants, award, and jobs.

Funding and Award Opportunities

Summer Session Scholarship: Eager to take a summer class but lack funding? Apply for the $2,000 summer session scholarship.

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award: for those who have taught at least 2 semesters, if you excel at teaching consider talking to us about putting your name forward, $2500 award for first place.

Outstanding Thesis Award: Proud of your thesis? Here’s a chance to get it noticed at the university level. $750 award.

NCA Travel Grant: Each year NCA offers small travel grants to assist members of their student caucuses to attend NCA. Watch for the call for these each year soon after acceptance is sent out.