Please follow this link to see the current version of my CV, available as a PDF file on Dropbox. I do my best to update this once a semester. For a quick link to some of the articles, go to my Google Scholar profile. Below are listed a few of my most recent publications and accomplishments.


Han, S-H., Brazeal, L. M., & Pennington, N. (2018). Is civility contagious? Examining the impact of modeling in online political discussions? Social Media + Society.

Pennington, N. (2017). Tie strength and time: Mourning on social networking sites. Special issue of the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.

Pennington, N., Hall, J. A., & Hutchinson, A. (2016). To tweet or not to tweet: A reciprocity model for understanding fan-celebrity Twitter behavior. Special Issue on New Media, Iowa Journal of Communication.

Bouc, A., Han, S., & Pennington, N. (2016). "Why Are They Still Commenting on His Page?": Using Facebook Profile Pages to Continue Connections with the Deceased. Computers in Human Behavior, 62, 635-643. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2016.04.027.

Pennington, N. (2016). Living social: Comparing social media use in your 20s and 30s. In P. G. Nixon, R. Rawal, & A. Funk (Eds.), Digital media usage across the lifecourse. Surrey, UK: Ashgate Publishing.

Grants, Awards, and Honors

College Non-Tenured Faculty Summer Research Award (Summer 2019), $3,000, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Faculty Enhancement Grant (Spring 2017), $10,000, Kansas State University.

CECD Engagement Award for Relevate (Spring 2017), $10,000, CECD, Kansas State University.

Peer Review for Teaching Grant (Spring 2017), $1000, Teaching Center, Kansas State University.

Advising Professional Development Grant (Fall 2016), $680, Advising Council, Kansas State University.

Global Campus Course Development Grant (Spring 2016), $6200, Global Campus, Kansas State University.

Top Paper Panel Interpersonal Communication Division (2016)Central States Communication Association. To Hide or Unfriend? Relational dissolution through social networking sites. Top three papers.