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Thanks for the interest in learning a little more about me. If you're interested in the research or teaching side of things, I encourage you to check out those pages. Below is a chance to learn a little about my background as well as some of my non-academic interests. Be sure to flip through the images to see my cute pets!

How Did I Get Here?

"Here" is the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where I am currently an assistant professor of communication within our interpersonal communication track. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Kansas (#RockChalk) in Communication Studies. At KU I worked with Dr. Jeff Hall, who is an amazing mentor and taught me a lot about interpersonal communication, communication technology, and quantitative methods. Prior to KU, I got my M.A. from Kansas State and my B.S. from Missouri State, both in Communication. I grew up in the Midwest, and have enjoyed exploring the West Coast and all it has to offer.

What's My Favorite Thing About Las Vegas? 

Nevada is very different than anywhere I have ever lived before and it has been fun to learn about the city, people, and culture. I have really enjoyed taking in the food scene, exploring the outdoors with my husband and dogs, and I love that we can hop in the car and drive to both the mountains or ocean in less than a day! A lot of folks think of the casinos first, but for me it is definitely the outdoor opportunities, the desert can be beautiful.

What Do I Do in My Free Time?

Probably one of my favorite ways to unwind on the weekend is a good hike; my husband and I will take the dogs and dive off into the desert or mountains as often as we can. I am also a pretty big fan of cooking, and recently got into outdoor wok cooking, which has been really fun. When all else fails, I'm also a big fan of curling up with a book to relax. I don't have a favorite genre--I will read just about any book, and if I love it, then it will be hard for me not to finish it in a day.

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