Current Research


About Me

Thanks for the interest in learning a little more about me! If you're interested in the research or teaching side of things, I encourage you to check out those pages. Below is a chance to learn a little about my background and interests. Be sure to flip through the images to see my cute pets! 

How Did I Get Here?

"Here" is Kansas State University, where I am currently in my third year as an assistant professor of interpersonal communication. I completed my Ph.D. from KU in 2015 in Communication Studies. At KU I worked with Dr. Jeff Hall, who is an amazing mentor and taught me a lot about interpersonal communication and quantitative methods. Prior to KU, I got my M.A. from Kansas State in 2010 and my B.S. from Missouri State in 2008. I grew up primarily in Southwest Missouri, and was born in Texas. 

What's My Favorite Thing About Kansas? 

I think the Konza Prairie is gorgeous and enjoy taking walks there when the weather is nice. I also love exploring the small towns in Kansas with my husband, Joe, when we have a free weekend. There's great fried chicken in Abilene, awesome festivals in Wamego, and a cool brewery in Salina that we've been to. 

What Do I Do in My Free Time?

I devote a lot of my time to research and teaching. But when I do have spare time, I'm usually spending it with my husband or our three pets! We have two cats, Addison and Lucy, and this past spring we adopted a dog, Piper, from a shelter in KC. We love to take Piper to the dog park or on walks through the local trails. The cats love to curl up while I read a book, which is a great way to unwind during the week. Joe and I also love to cook, and in the summer he gardens so I get the chance to come up with fun fresh meals with our own home-grown ingredients.